Say hello to the chef!

The Peppertree Concept is not your average Catering Service, as the notion behind the Concept is ‘All Natural’. Andreas, who is the Chef, and who always uses his imagination and creativity in the kitchen, was raised in rural Nicosia where he had Nature and all her goods to his availability.

As a child and while growing up with all the wonderful smells, sounds and combination of ingredients of his Mother’s and Grandmother’s kitchen, he knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a Chef.

All Cuisines have their complexities, but to Andreas ‘Simple is Complex’ and that is why his personal favourite is the Mediterranean Cuisine. He believes that pure, fresh and healthy ingredients can create Magical Dishes full of flavours and scents from nature, hence creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Imagination, Colour & Memories’ – Andreas Sismanis

Our Philosophy


Great food deserves great respect and we bring that philosophy to every dish we create. We focus on freshness and flavour first, combining ingredients sourced directly from local producers in ways that reflect our classic culinary roots as well as our own creative flair.

No matter what your needs might be—even if you have some challenging menu restrictions; we are happy to accommodate and will create a delicious custom menu that is sure to delight the senses.


‘Cooking is Art’

And that is how one can describe his dishes! Colourful, Creative and full of imagination. Offering unique tastes, textures and colours to each of his dishes, he stays true to his dishes’ heritage. This unique approach has unquestionably set him aside from his peers and is arguably the only one of the very few in his field promoting the Mediterranean cuisine in this way.

Having worked in may renowned Kitchens in Cyprus, Andreas is now full-time in the kitchens of The Pepper Tree Concept, while working on new and exciting menus and other concepts for the Catering Services. He is equipped with a diverse yet revealing experience of the hospitality world which will only be of upmost benefit while the Pepper Tree Concept brand expands; and will bring to your plate sights, smells and scents that every season has to offer, to cater for your most treasured moments.